I do… or something

I had a wedding to go to today for a teacher/friend of mine.  She’s Catholic.  I’m not.  Catholic weddings make me all nervous.  I never know what to do, what to say, when to say it.  I just mouth “watermelon” and figure with all of the standing up/sitting down that I’ve gotten in my squats for the day.

We made bets on what time the priest would say “I now pronounce you man and wife.”  The wedding started at 2:00 and I guessed 3:15.  Jodi went with 3:14 and Pedro, 3:17. They made me guess first.  Do you see how I was screwed from the get go?  Jodi was the winner.

At the reception each guest got a beer koozy (have I mentioned that my friends like a little drinky drinky from time to time?)


Don’t forget to ask yourself…


One of my dear friends (Katie) flipped to the bottom.  “OPI?!?!  What the heck does OPI mean?!?!”

Try again friend 🙂

Just one of the many reasons that I love my girls!

By the way, my thumb nail isn’t really yellow!  That’s what I get for not setting the white balance…


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Sooooo, I guess we fit in here, huh?!?

We’ve been passing a cold around our house for the past month.  As soon as one person starts to get well, another one is down.  I assume this will continue to be the case with five people in our family.   I’m calling Puffs tomorrow about buying stock.

Anyway, the hubster and I were cleaning the humidifiers for the big kids’ room and the the nursery and needed to look for filters for one of them.  We headed towards “the blue hardware store” (Lowe’s) and realized it was 7:45 and they closed at 8:00.  The story of our life.  We’re always just a little late… always.  This was true when we had one child and is still true now that we have three.

I already had a coffee, the hubster had a Mt. Dew and the big bugs had icees.  Surely we couldn’t just turn around and go home.  BUT is was a Sunday.  At 8:00.  What was open???  You guessed it, the one, the only WALMART.  One thing you should know about me.  I. HATE. WALMART.  Every single time I go there I swear I will never go back.  Ever.  It drives me insane.  They never have more than 2 of the 3000 lanes open, so you always wait in line for half of your life.  I have been run into by more kids pushing carts than I care to count.  Something always goes wrong, like the time I went for a new tea maker, knowing it would be cheaper than Target.  When I got my receipt I realized I was charged the wrong price.  No biggie, I’ll just over the customer service and wait behind the 20 people there.  Umm, no thanks.  Next time I’ll just go to Target… the one with a Starbucks in it.

Back to the story at hand.  We decided to cruise through Walmart.  Surprisingly the trip was pretty great.  We got some great deals which I’ll write about later (hint: 90% off Halloween).  About half way through our trip I ran to the restroom.  While washing my hands I realized I had something on my sweatpants… hmm, maybe a little breastmilk??  When I got back to the fam, Alex had taken his jacket off and had ketchup, or something all over the front of his shirt.  I glance over at Kellan who has a cold and has crust all over his face.   The hubster, who had been working on a retaining wall in the backyard still had on his work clothes.

Me:  “We’re kind of a hot mess.  I’ve got something on my pants, Alex has ketchup on his shirt, Kellan’s face is a mess, Bennett spit up carrots on his PJ’s and my jacket, and you’re dirty.”

Hubster:  “Yeah, I guess we fit in here, huh?”

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